Kratom Ban Updates List – Summer 2022

According to the American Kratom Association (AKA), there has recently been an increase in the variety and volume of attacks against kratom consumers in the country. To keep you in the know, here’s a rundown of US kratom legality updates for this summer.

Louisiana: Ascension Parish Is STILL Considering Criminalizing Kratom

In our previous kratom ban update article, we shared how Ascension Parish, Louisiana, is considering banning kratom; the sheriff’s office falsely labeled it “synthetic heroin” while several former rehab patients gave personal testimonies against it.

The pro-kratom voices tried to dispel myths and counter the opposition with their own personal anecdotes, but the parish is still considering making kratom illegal

They will hold a hearing on August 18. To find out more and prepare, you can register for the AKA’s Preparation Webinar on Friday, August 16. You can also find out who to contact in our previous article.

Missouri: Governor Mike Parson Sides with FDA, Vetoes Bill to Regulate Kratom

Missouri, a state in which over 30 counties have independently banned kratom, was a priority for the AKA to introduce the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) to regulate kratom. Although the KCPA could have helped protect not only consumer safety, but also kratom availability in Missouri, Governor Mike Person vetoed the bill (HB 1667).

The AKA gave Parson flak for “making a bald-faced lie” for “publicly stating that the FDA had told him kratom was illegal in Missouri and everywhere else in the United States.” 

Gov. Parson’s veto message stated, “Under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, the FDA may seize food, drugs or dietary substances that contain kratom as being adulterated or misbranded.” Additionally, Parson said that state law—the Missouri Merchandizing Practices Act—already provides protections for proper labeling.

According to Rep. Phil Christofanelli, the KCPA provides law enforcement “the tools it needs to keep adulterated products off the streets and prohibit the sale to minors,” further adding that “Missourians are less safe as a result of this veto.” In September, when lawmakers reconvene, Christofanelli could try to override the veto or reintroduce the bill’s proposal in January.

The bill’s sponsor decried Parson’s decision, as the bill had broad support and was approved in both the House and Senate. To help, you can contact Missouri state legislators and spread the word.

Nevada: NV Board of Pharmacy Cancelled Hearing to Schedule Kratom, But Will Return Next Year

Earlier, the AKA sent out an update about a potential Nevada kratom ban. The Nevada Board of Pharmacy had scheduled a hearing on the proposal to classify kratom as a Schedule I banned substance in the state, but an outpour of public outcry led to them canceling the hearing on kratom.

Nevertheless, the board vowed to return next year, after the Legislative Session, to make another attempt to ban kratom. They might be hoping to sneak it past supporters next year, but we can show them that we haven’t forgotten and are ready to fight.

So, you can stay up-to-date with the latest updates from the AKA and be ready to speak out again next year.


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