Senate Bill

House Bill

Welcome to the world of the Federal Kratom Consumer Protection Act (S. 3039), a law designed to protect your access to Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa). Let’s simplify why this matters.


What’s the Bill About?

Senator Mike Lee from Utah introduced this bill to continue the conversation about Kratom in the U.S. The bill requires the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to hold a hearing and establish a task force on the health and safety of products with kratom. It ensures a balanced approach by prohibiting the FDA from regulating kratom products more restrictively than regulations for food, dietary supplements, or dietary ingredients. It will also allow citizens to participate through public meetings and share their thoughts on a special FDA webpage, making your voice a crucial part of shaping the future of Kratom.

Knowledge Power Unleashed

Picture a team called the Kratom Research Task Force. They uncover secrets about Kratom and share quarterly reports. The bill ensures public meetings with experts, making this journey accessible to everyone.

Simplifying the Journey

This bill cuts through regulations, making it easier for you to enjoy Kratom. No unnecessary complexities — just a clear path.

Your Voice Matters

Ever wanted a say in how things work? This bill opens the door for your input through public participation. You can attend in-person hearings or submit your thoughts online to ensure your voice is heard. To help make this a reality, click the link below to share your story on how Kratom has positively impacted your life. By doing so, your story will automatically reach your local representative handling this issue. Your unique perspective adds strength to the collective voice advocating for the Federal Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

Safety First

The bill prioritizes safety. Import alerts only happen if there are real safety concerns, showing a commitment to your well-being during your Kratom experience.

Empowering States

States have the power. The federal bill not only empowers individual states but also sheds light on the FDA’s role in managing Kratom. It ensures clarity and prevents the imposition of harsh regulations that could hinder Americans’ access to Kratom products. Each state retains its autonomy in navigating Kratom-related matters, ensuring a balance between federal oversight and the freedom for states to make decisions that best suit their communities.

The Bill’s Journey

The journey began on October 4, 2023. It’s now in the “introduction” phase, facing scrutiny by the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. Updates will follow as the bill progresses.

How Can You Help

You, our valued consumers, play a pivotal role in making the Federal Kratom Consumer Protection Act a reality. Your testimony is a potent tool, and clicking the link below to share how Kratom has positively impacted your life sends a clear message to decision-makers.

But let’s amplify our impact! Take a moment to not only share your story but also send this link to five friends who appreciate the benefits of Kratom. Together, we can create a groundswell of support that goes beyond individual experiences, showcasing the widespread positive impact of Kratom on our community. By uniting our voices and efforts, we can propel Kratom towards normalization as a recognized herbal product with well-established health benefits.