3 Best Kratom Products for People On the Move

Have you ever packed your bag for the gym, a vacation, or a day-long trip and suddenly stopped to wonder how to take kratom with you? After all, the most popular form of kratom—kratom powder—is notoriously messy. 

Furthermore, if you know how to store kratom properly for optimal freshness, you might have large or cumbersome containers (such as airtight glass jars or 250g mylar bags) that aren’t easy to just toss into a gym bag. 

Even worse, if you decide to scoop out some kratom powder last minute and pack it in some random snack bag, you run the risk of it spilling. Needless to say, opening up your bag to a mess of green powder covering your possessions is not a fun surprise, to say the least. 

So, what is the best way to take kratom with you when you’re on the go? Well, some forms of kratom are easier to travel with than others, and there are some convenient new kratom products that not many people know about. Here’s our guide to the best kratom products to take with you easily and conveniently.

1. Kratom Capsules

The second-most popular form of kratom is the capsule form. Kratom capsules are known for being more convenient to take wherever you’re going than kratom powder.

What Are Kratom Capsules?

The definition of kratom capsules is pure kratom powder that has been placed into capsules, which is pretty straightforward. Each capsule contains a standardized, pre-measured weight of pure kratom powder that has been added to plain capsule shells in a modern facility.

There are several different types of kratom capsules, including hard gelatin capsules and hard cellulose fiber capsules. Because the kratom powder is placed in capsule shells (most commonly made of gelatin), the powder is contained and virtually mess-free. 

Pros and Cons of Kratom Capsules:

Let’s compare the pros and cons of kratom capsules to help you decide if this is the form for you.


  • Clean, convenient, mess-free
  • Simple to pack
  • Pre-measured amounts of kratom
  • Available in a wide variety of strains
  • Easy to find places that sell  

Even if you’re packing last-minute, it’s a much safer bet to place however many kratom capsules you want to bring in a sandwich bag, small Tupperware container, empty supplement bottle, etc. than it is to try to pack kratom powder. 

Additionally, with kratom capsules, each capsule contains a pre-measured amount of kratom, so you won’t need to bring more equipment to weigh, measure, or heat up water for them to dissolve. Furthermore, it’s easy to find places to buy kratom capsules, and you can often find a wide variety of available strains.


  • More expensive
  • Not always vegan-friendly
  • Capsules take time to release kratom

Because vendors have to pay for the empty capsules as well as the kratom powder, and since encapsulating kratom requires more work, the kratom capsules cost more than plain powder on average. Furthermore, adding another layer—the capsule shells—means that the encapsulated kratom powder doesn’t release instantly, unlike kratom powder which has no barrier. 

2. Kratom Tablets

Kratom tablets are a rather lesser-known, new form of kratom. When comparing kratom capsules with kratom tablets, the two types have some similarities but also some key differences. 

What Are Kratom Tablets?

The definition of kratom tablets is small, compacted tablets made of pure, compressed kratom. In order to manufacture kratom tablets, a set amount of kratom is compressed under high pressure, which allows the fine kratom particles to cohere together and maintain a tablet shape. 

So, when looking at kratom capsules vs. kratom tablets, the difference is in the components. Kratom capsules consist of the same kratom powder you’d normally buy, placed into capsule shells, whereas kratom tablets have no outer shell—they just contain kratom powder that has been compressed to keep its shape. 

Pros and Cons of Kratom Tablets

Now that we’ve covered the definition of kratom tablets let’s cover the pros and cons of this type of kratom product.


  • Mess-free and convenient
  • Easy to pack
  • Pure kratom, so vegan friendly
  • Faster to dissolve than capsules

Like kratom capsules, kratom tablets are easier to pack and carry with you than plain kratom powder. Additionally, because they are pre-measured and pre-weighed, there’s no need to bring a kitchen scale with you as you might with kratom powder. So, when you want one, you can simply take the tablet out of whatever you packed it in, grab a cup of water, and you’re good to go.

The two benefits of kratom tablets over kratom capsules are that they are vegan kratom products and that they don’t have a capsule barrier that slows down the release of the pure kratom particles. Still, since they are compacted, they will not dissolve as quickly as plain powder.


  • More expensive than capsules
  • Limited number of strains available
  • Harder to find places that sell

Because kratom tablets are pretty new on the market and because they require more sophisticated machinery to manufacture, it’s not easy to find many places to buy kratom tablets. Since it’s best to buy kratom from a company approved by the American Kratom Association (AKA), the options can be limited as not every AKA-approved kratom vendor even offers kratom tablets for sale.

Furthermore, the vendors who do offer kratom tablets for sale typically don’t have many strains. Rather, kratom tablets are typically available in three strains: red, white, and green. If you’re looking for your favorite kratom blend or in-house mixture, you’re unlikely to find such a strain available in tablet form. Manufacturing kratom tablets is an expensive process, so vendors typically don’t offer too many strains to reduce waste.

Kratom Gummie Sampler3. Kratom Gummies

Last but not least, if you’re someone with a sweet tooth, you might consider kratom extract gummies as a convenient method of taking kratom on the go. Kratom gummies are a new and exciting development in the market, and the best kratom gummies contain high-quality, natural ingredients.  

What Are Kratom Gummies

The definition of kratom gummies, or kratom extract gummies, is small chewy candies infused with all-natural Mitragyna Speciosa (kratom) extract. The type of kratom extract used can vary by vendor, but it is most often a full-spectrum extract made from concentrated kratom powder. 

Using the extract allows for the kratom gummies to contain more of kratom’s alkaloids without making the gummies too dry and powdery. On average, kratom gummies contain 10mg of Mitragynine, but some vendors, like Mitragaia, offer 20mg kratom gummies for sale.

Pros and Cons of Kratom Gummies

They may be wrapped up in a pretty sweet and enticing package, but what are the pros and cons of kratom extract gummies, and how do they compare to the other convenient kratom products we’ve covered? Here’s our analysis.


  • Fun and tasty
  • Available in different flavors
  • Contain pre-measured kratom extract
  • Easy to pack and take on-the-go

Yeah, you get a pretty sweet package of perks with kratom extract gummies. They’re kind of revolutionary in the kratom market and are, without a doubt, a much easier way to take kratom with you when traveling or being on the move in general. Like kratom tablets and kratom capsules, they contain a set measurement of kratom extract, so you can ditch the kitchen scale.

Of course, when buying kratom products, you want to find pure, high-quality kratom that has been lab-tested. You should be no less discerning when looking to buy kratom gummies, so try to buy them from a vendor who lab-tests all of their kratom to ensure that the gummies contain fresh and pure kratom extract. As with any Mitragyna speciosa extract products, any kratom gummies you purchase should be listed as being made in the USA.


  • More expensive
  • Limited number of strains
  • Harder to find places that sell 
  • Hard to know which flavor to get
  • Need to be kept fresh

Along with the pros of kratom extract-infused gummies, there are some cons. Like kratom tablets, it’s harder to find places to buy kratom gummies, and they are often available only in limited, full-spectrum strains. 

To keep your kratom extract gummies fresh, make sure to be considerate of keeping them in a sealed bag and out of direct sunlight, or you could end up with a sticky situation. And even more importantly, as sweet and colorful as they may be, kratom gummies are only for adults, so make sure to keep them out of the reach of children.

Lastly, if you’re picky about your flavors, it can be a bit of a challenge to know which gummy flavor to buy, and not every company offers samplers. But if you have the option to buy a kratom gummy sampler pack from a vendor containing all the different flavors, you can know what to order in the future!

On the Go Lifestyle? Buy Kratom for Convenience

When you’re on the go, why not ditch the hassle? Kratom should be easy to pack in your bag and take along wherever you’re off to, with no surprise messes. Here at Mitragaia, we’ve got you covered. As leaders in the industry, we offer every one of these products for sale at competitive prices.

Our kratom is all lab-tested, as well as ethically and sustainably sourced. If you’re in the mood to try something new, feel free to check out our available kratom sampler packs for different products.

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