Payment Correction

This item is reserved for submitting payments on completed or amended orders.

-Enter the amount due from the message you received.
-During checkout, locate the Order Notes box below the billing/shipping information.
-Leave a detailed description regarding the reason for this payment.

You can complete payment using any provided option currently available to you.

Payment Correction

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Hello MITRAGAIA family! Just a gentle reminder that as we approach the holidays, all shipping options may take longer than normal to arrive to you. Although we are still shipping on time, we recommend ordering as early as possible & planning for an extra 2-3 days at minimum. We are also seeing several packages that appear to be “stuck” at distribution centers, but they are still traveling, just not scanned along the way. Once we give packages to USPS, there is nothing we can do if they are delayed in transit. We greatly appreciate your patience with us in the matter & hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday season so far! 🎄🎁