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Status Updates

Pending Payment

Product selections, billing information, shipping option, mailing address, and any special instructions have been acknowledged in our system.

The status of your current payment attempt is incomplete, awaiting final verification, or declined. Depending on the payment option this process can be instant or take several days to finalize.

Please be patient and verify each attempt through onscreen and email confirmations, before submitting any additional attempts. Clear any cache files, and cancel orders to start fresh when changing payment options.

On Hold

The payment process for your order has not been completed or verified. For complex transactions requiring further verification, we make every effort to approve and release orders in a timely manner.


During operating hours, approved orders are packed up and labeled for shipping in the order that they are approved. Some changes can be made through your user account order history.

Any other changes, cancellations, and requests should be sent to support@mitragaia.com in a timely manner. Our order fulfillment team keeps a dizzying pace, working to maintain our same day shipping process, and your order could be next.


This order, under direction from the customer, by the customer, or due to the payment and approval process, will not be completed and shipped. Proof of payment will need to be confirmed before any corrective action to a canceled order can be made.


The contents of your order have been selected, checked, packaged and labeled for shipping. Your order is now part of our next USPS pickup/drop-off and can be extremely difficult to locate for changes. Orders completed before the shipping cutoff time will be shipped same day as entered. Orders completed after the shipping cutoff might not update as shipped until the following business day. Any unsettled change request or issues with order completion should be resolved utilizing our Returns & Exchanges process.