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Why is my credit card being declined?

The Kratom industry is classified as a high risk industry and because of this US Banks, Visa and Mastercard refuse to do business with kratom companies. This is why you don't see all kratom companies offer credit card processing. We are forced to find creative ways to accept credit card payments and often this leads us to international solutions. In the unfortunate situation your card is declined you will get an error message. 

The most common reason for your card being declined is when you attempt to pay for your order, your bank will see this transaction coming internationally and decline the transaction due to thinking this is a fraudulent transaction. If you call your bank and let them know it is you making the purchase, they will allow the next transaction to complete successfully. 

Below are possible reasons for Credit Card declines.

Credit Card 2: If you notice a decline code that includes Error Code 200, this means your bank has declined the transaction. We process this payment option through our bank in England and your bank has most likely flagged this as a suspicious transaction. Please call your bank and let them know it is you making the transaction and they will allow the next transaction to go through. Please start a new transaction and complete your order. 

If you are still having issues completing your order after talking to your bank email us at support@mitragaia.com.

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