MITRAGAIA is the worlds finest and most comprehensive kratom company online. We specialize in kratom (mitragyna speciosa), and started off as a small kratom company which soon evolved into an ethnobotanical company due to a collaborative explosion of creativity fueled by a community of amazing supporters, farmer collaboration, and consumers. MITRAGAIA is now the face of our botanical company and we are excited to launch into this new phase and continue to be the #1 source and the #1 place to buy the #1 product online! We’re a culture of dreamers and doers who prove that the two aren’t mutually exclusive. We’re happiest when we’re innovating, and fanatically dedicated to our craft. We’re known for excellence in customer service and challenging the way the kratom industry is transformed.

From the desk of the CEO

MITRAGAIA had been a vision for me since I started in the kratom industry. My endeavor is to provide the absolute highest quality, safe, clean, lab tested botanicals for everyone! Since customer service is our #1 goal, we provide every aspect possible to make the buying experience an enjoyable one! MITRAGAIA has evolved into our vision from its inception in 2015 and made a name for itself as the go-to for online kratom connoisseurs, and quickly established itself as the leader in quality and customer support with unparalleled shipping prowess. We are excited to share with you MITRAGAIA.The name comes from “MITRA” which encompasses an Indo divinity from Sanskrit which means friend, and “GAIA” which is the name of the ancient Greek Goddess of the Earth and who postulates that the whole biosphere may be alive in that the Earth’s life forms are themselves responsible for regulating the conditions that make life on the planet possible. From that MITRAGAIA was born! With well over 5 millions reviews online, my hope is that once you purchase from MITRAGAIA you will never have a need to shop anywhere else for ALL of your KRATOM needs.


We believe in collaboratively working with and sourcing the best product from various regions and farmers across Indonesia allowing us to harvest in a sustainable manner while allowing and achieving the highest drying, storage, and processing standards in the industry.Because of our strong partnerships across Indonesia, we are able to buy the most premium raw leaf and produce it at a lower price point than our competitors. MITRAGAIA will never compromise product quality and standards and we continually strive for excellence in customer service and shipping.Our customers will always be our focal point and our top priority. It has been a tremendous pleasure providing this service to the millions of kratom advocates across the World!


MITRAGAIA is a GMP compliant facility as well as a member of AHPA and the American Kratom Association GMP compliance program for vendors.We adhere to strict testing of metals and bacteria as well as stringent production and shipping operating procedures.MITRAGAIA sells the best raw kratom leaf in the world and we back it with the best customer service and shipping standards in the kratom industry. We STAND by our excellence in product and customer support and will continue to hold the highest standards in the kratom community.