Warning! FDA issues a public health advisory about Kratom.

With the DEA scare still in the back of many people’s minds, the FDA has released a statement putting kratom in a negative light.

The announcement was released November 14, 2017. You can view it here.

The federal authority is warning about reports of addiction, injury and even death from kratom.
They claim it’s their obligation “to act when we see people being harmed by unapproved products”.

Many kratom users have touted it as a potential way to wean off of opiates and to end their addiction.
Instead the FDA says that kratom carries similar risks including addiction and death and that they’re working to block shipments of the plant.

The statement mentions 36 deaths it claims involve products made with kratom but fails to mention that in nearly every case the person was on an excessive amount of other substances.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is says “The FDA must use its authority to protect the public from addictive substances like kratom, both as part of our commitment to stemming the opioid epidemic and preventing another from taking hold” in the statement.

What does this mean for the future of kratom?
We’re not completely sure…

10 thoughts on “Warning! FDA issues a public health advisory about Kratom.

  1. Samantha cigany says:

    I have been using Kratom for 2 years now to help with my rheumatoid arthritis. I was forced to seek out other alternatives to pain medication after the state of Ohio changed its laws I was given no warning my medicines were cut overnight when I went to get a refill they told me that I was not allowed anymore because of the new laws. Kratom has not only helps with pain but it is also helps with inflammation from my rheumatoid arthritis. Kratom users are not a bunch of junkies trying to get high we have sought out alternatives to medication for our medical conditions because of either laws or people that are tired of taking prescription medications. If they ban kratom it is going to cause patients like myself and a lot of others who use kratom to help it’s going to cause us to basically just suffer because there’s nothing else that we can do.

  2. Rica Vinson says:

    This is crap. They should be using only cases where Kratom is the one and only substance in toxicology reports. Alchohal kills so many people every day yet it is legal and not a single proven death involving and because of Kratom only. They are losing money bc people are getting off the chemical drugs they push on us and they’re doing any and everything in their power to try and get people back on the drugs that fill their pockets. This is such crap. Kratom is saving my life. They have had me on tons and tons of chemical medicines that do not work and almost took my life.

  3. Kelsey Digby says:


    8Senators Question FDA Nominee Scott Gottlieb’s Financial Relationship with Fentanyl Manufacturer Cephalon

    Thursday, April 27, 2017

    Court documents reveal Dr. Gottlieb served as expert witness defending fentanyl maker’s off-label marketing

    Washington (April 27, 2017) – Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), along with Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass), Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio)

    Today sent a letter to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) nominee Dr. Scott Gottlieb requesting details about the nature of the work and financial relationship he had with fentanyl manufacturer Cephalon.

    Publicly available court documents indicate that, following Dr. Gottlieb’s tenure at the FDA and as the prescription opioid epidemic was exploding, he served as an expert witness in federal court on behalf of Cephalon, and crafted and submitted an expert report opining on the proprietary of Cephalon’s actions. The company had already plead guilty in 2008 to illegally promoting the fentanyl drug and paid a $425 million fine. Dr. Gottlieb’s publicly available financial disclosure statements prepared in connection with the Senate confirmation process does not include detailed information about his work. At his Senate confirmation hearing, Dr. Gottlieb stated that the opioid epidemic is “the biggest public health crisis facing the FDA.”

    “We agree that immediate action is needed, and that the FDA is a critical partner in this public health fight,” write the Senators in the letter to Dr. Gottlieb. “However, we are concerned about the disjuncture between these statements and your work as an expert witness, paid to defend the actions of a company that pled guilty to criminal charges that it promoted its fentanyl product for off-label uses other than what the FDA approved.”

    A copy of the letter can be found HERE.

    A Washington Post story earlier this week reported that Dr. Gottlieb advocated on behalf of Cephalon while he was previously employed at the FDA, in an attempt to increase the amount of fentanyl the manufacturer could produce.

    These activities occurred at the same time the company was under federal investigation for pushing doctors to prescribe the addictive painkiller for headaches and back pain when it was meant for late-stage cancer patients.

    Ultimately, the DEA denied the request, finding that Cephalon and the FDA had no basis for this increased allotment.

    Here’s the link if you want to copy and paste it.


    • Rinieri says:

      Thanks for this story. It needs to be posted everywhere. More info brought to light as to why the DEA and the FDA want kratom banned. Because they’re losing millions, maybe billions and as long as kratom is legal and free they will continue to lose. We and kratom organizations need to keep up the fight against this Gottlieb criminal whether he’s actively fighting to ban kratom or not. We need to expose him 24/7 until he’s forced out one way or another. We need to get creative with our counter strategy.

  4. p0wn3d says:

    I’ve had medically diagnosed treatment resistant severe depression that’s landed me in the hospital for decades and kratom is the only thing that’s ever worked. I hate this country.

  5. IntellectualMan4 says:

    it’s about money.. there’s nothing more to it..
    The facts point to one thing.. money.
    Capitalism = the richest people get to control what the little people buy.

  6. SmarterThanTheBoughtForBusinessFDA says:

    GUNS kill more people each day..people that don’t want to die, nbut no gun laws..
    but people are disallowed to ingest a plant that MAY (but won’t) cause death ??

    God bless ‘Murica, money rules everything around us.

  7. HypocrisyAndCorruption says:

    Middle of the page.. one section starts with a line that SAYS IT ALL…
    “We believe using the FDA’s proven drug review process would provide for a much-needed discussion among all stakeholders. ”
    AKA: “Certain People” want to become stakeholders… because the current stakeholders are doing fine.

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