Price Increase

Due to the current import alert/ban, as well as massive amounts of product being seized within Indonesian and US ports, we didn’t have time to notify customers.

We needed to make an immediate decision to close our doors or stretch the product we currently have as we fight to open shipping channels.  I assure you our prices will go back down as the supply stabilizes, and notifications will be sent out at that time.

I appreciate your loyalty and overwhelming support.  With thousands of vendors closing their doors, this was necessary to stay open and provide for our customers with quality products.  Products grown from our own farms that are tested, safe and clean.  While we understand your concern, and the concerns of all of our clients, please respect this decision. 

We will be back in full force soon.  Now is the time for one and all to stand together. Make your voice heard opposing restrictions that effect the health and wellbeing of millions just like you.  From all of us here…

Thanks for choosing GAIA
Daniel Bower
Owner. Founder. Entrepreneur. Investor.

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