Pay with Bitcoin and receive 20% rebate on every order!

20% Rebate With Bitcoin!

20% Rebate whenever you pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies!

We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Monero.


  • Create and verify your exchange wallet.
  • Similar to stock transactions, it is best to acquire cryptocurrency low and trade it when the value is high to maximize your value.
  • To account for normal transaction fees, the value of your available coin must be of greater value than needed to complete your order.
  • During checkout you will be provided with Transaction ID and Requested Amount, which can be entered into the sell/send function of any approved wallet.
  • Once your transaction is verified and all confirmations have been collected, the funds collected for your order may be different than the funds requested.
  • This difference is due to any transaction fees and the processing of your rebate for using cryptocurrency.
  • Calculating the US Dollar value of the needed funds collected for your order should be verified independently from the website after all payment confirmations are collected.

34 thoughts on “Pay with Bitcoin and receive 20% rebate on every order!

    • Daniel Bower says:

      Yes you will. We have our Coinable link up there for people to purchase and then use that wallet to pay with at checkout it is the last option to select.
      Its very simple. If you’re new to buying Crytpo we have a step by step instruction above that is easy to follow.

  1. Mp3skull says:

    “Thanks for a very interesting web site. Where else may I get that kind of info written in such a perfect method? I have a undertaking that I’m simply now operating on, and I have been on the look out for such information.”

  2. rayjr9990 says:

    This discount is confirmed working, I used ethereum but the price adjusted for all the crypto options it seemed. Additionally the above article is an explanation on how to buy cryptocurrency, bitcoin from reputable website Coinbase, and with their promotion they give you 10 dollars free just for buying bitcoin, if you purchase 100 or more.

    All in all, this is a great deal and if you haven’t learned yet, you should definitely start learning about cryto now. It has the same value almost everywhere in the world, and can be sent worldwide with no additional fees based on distance, and for bitcoin ,takes at most 10 minutes to confirm payment.

    I chose ethereum because it’s much faster confirmations to bitcoin and usually cheaper to send transactions, but isn’t as widely accepted as bitcoin, so I would recommend buying bitcoin for beginners because bitcoin is the same as money now and it can always be traded quickly for any currency.

    • Jason Baker says:

      Dan is super reliable. He will have credit cards back up soon if he says he will. I just purchased with echeck and it doesn’t seem to be a problem for now. I got a receipt and everything from Gaia and it says the check is processing. I just had my wife bust out our old checks. I didn’t write on the check or anything, its just sitting on my desk. Then you input the check number from the top right of your check and your bank account information in the spot it ask for it on the checkout page. I am waiting to see if I need to upload the actual paper check somewhere or if it will process as I input it. I have never used it before an am uncertain how long an account takes to establish and actually get Gaia their money so they can begin the shipping process. Hopefully it is same day…hopefully.

      As for crypto currency:

      The only problem with crypto currency is it has a very uncertain future due to the powers that be. There are a few people that believe it will have a short run (20 years or less) and that it will simply crash. There are also people that believe it wont crash but it will become super-regulated because the powers that be don’t like what crypto currencies stand for. When it becomes super-regulated it will be more of a hassle than simply using an already established bank/creditor card and the price will drop drastically. It’s already taken nasty hits a few years ago when the FBI found a couple of crypto currency places with shit-tier paper trails and basically found them committing fraud then wiped out their economies in a matter of days. Don’t trust crypto. I would imagine its safe to use right now but its only a matter of time. These kind of wonderful looking things don’t last long. You’re effectively gambling on FOREX when you buy crypto currency as well. Read about people losing shitloads of money in FOREX and then look at bitcoins. Same principle. I don’t trust anything that originated from the dark side of the internet, especially economic ideas.

      Ill be using the echeck option on the website for now. That is my personal preference though. “To each, their own”.

      • Jeff says:

        I purchased last week with echeck and it was seemless, it took three days to show up in my checking account but the order was processed right away and was shipped the next day ( I ordered on a Sunday). I don’t like the idea of giving somebody, anybody, my routing and account number, but I never have much money in it and it’s almost the same as using a debit card or paper check. They’ve got your info and can take out however much they want anyway so your trusting the vendor and in this case Dan is as stand up a guy as there is apparently. Right Dan lol?

        • mogwaiemperor says:

          We used the echeck option two weeks ago and I can attest that it was just as fast as using our debit cards was before it was unavailable. Gaia is an outstanding company and I didn’t give it a second thought when we placed out order. I’m going to have to try and use the crypto option for the first time ever now though, as I actually don’t use checks myself. My girlfriend had some luckily last time​ and we placed an order together. If there’s any company I’d look into using crypto though, it’s definitely going to be Gaia. I’ve never had a bad experience with them a single time.

  3. navyator says:

    Is cryptocurrency all you are accepting now??? Seems like you just want to drive business away, less than 2 weeks ago and prior, was able to pay via debit card. Seems something is amiss here.

    • Daniel Bower says:

      We lost all our processing, we are working on it. Trust me, 24 hours a day.
      WE just launched e-check option and most are using that now

          • jeff says:

            i really like your product but am still waiting till the option for useing my card, i dont like crypto money because of the ups and downs,as soon as you can get it up and running ill be back for my favorite gold bali, but for now im buying from krabot,i like having 2 vendors just for this reason,ill keep checking back with you folks, untill then me and my stepdad will miss you guys

          • Freddy says:

            Hey man im not affiliated with Gaia or anything, but as long as your ONLY purchasing the Kratom with bitcoin, and not using it for anything else, you can just purchase the exact amount of bitcoin you need, and then immediately purchase your order from Gaia, that way there is no fluxuation in the amount of money you spent, plus you save 20% with Gaia, so thats honestly gunna save you money. Just a tip man. Helped me out cause Gaia quality and testing has never let me down.

  4. Freddy says:

    Just to help anybody having trouble with the Cryptocurrency, READ HERE FOR EASY TIPS.

    If you are having trouble verifying a debit card on the coinbase website, which I had trouble doing, I was able to go to ””
    and I was able to easily purchase bitcoin, send it to my coinbase address, and then purchase from Gaia. It made it so i was able to purchase the bitcoin without having to verify my card. In the worst case scenario, you will have to call your bank and let them know the charge is valid. But it will go right through, and work just fine. I saved so much money on my purchase because of the bitcoin, and all the websites turned out to be legit! GOOD LUCK! – Freddy

  5. debbiejanetoo says:

    I use E-Check twice now and I have no problem with that. I trust this site. I am scared of Bitcoin though and will never use it. I have used E-Check on other sites also and never had a problem. I keep a close eye on my online account and never have much money in it anyway.

  6. Adar says:

    I have terrible credit so I don’t have a checking account or a debit card (I always use prepaid cards for online purchases) and I was unable to buy BTC on coinbase because they don’t accept payments from prepaid cards, but luckily I found a site that does called which I would highly recommend to anyone new to bitcoin who’s been in this predicament. They require ID verification but once you’re verified and your account is legit you can purchase bitcoin with a prepaid card and have it in your wallet in less than an hour.

  7. James M says:

    Dan is the man, I ordered Red Horn and White horn was shipped. Dan got me a bag of Red Horn free of cost in less that 4 days.

  8. theblindreaper7 says:

    Fantastic product and service! I was skeptical about using the Bitcoin process, but everything was completely legitimate and worked out perfectly! I received my order extremely fast as well! I will definitely be coming back for further business 🙂 Thank you!

  9. J. Hois says:

    I was skeptical about the hassle of dealing with crypto, however I was pleasantly surprised at coinbase’s credibility and straightforward account validation process. Even with having to take ID pics, and call my bank to validate transaction, it still took me less than 30mins to set up an account + buy some bitcoin and check out. My order was shipped promptly and arrived on time. On top of that , with the discount for paying in crypto it was still even a little cheaper to overnight than priority ship thru some other providers for the same quantity. I am done shopping around as well as about to place a second order for a friend(who’s a little less tech able). I’m hard to please, so thanks Dan for providing a product and service I can’t fault.

  10. Kindalltrees says:

    New customer here, not only just to Gaia but also to Crypto currency 🙂 I just got confirmation that my ETH payment was received and my order is now processing. So far so good, hopefully receiving my shipment will be a fast and easy process as well!

  11. Gertie says:

    I’m very pleased to uncover this page. I want to to thank you for your time due to this
    fantastic read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit
    of it and i also have you book-marked to look at new stuff in your site.

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