MitraGaia – Best Kratom Vendor for 2019-2020

Best Kratom Vendor 2019-2020

Demand for kratom is becoming more and more popular, leading to the birth of hundreds of kratom suppliers. If you are a kratom user or user-to-be, you must have consumed time on learning and trying kratom of various vendors.

Nevertheless, the joy brought by kratom is boundless. You are still wondering whether the source of kratom you are using is genuine and brings the ultimate pleasure, aren’t you? Then this article will suggest you MITRAGAIA, the most reputable vendor that beats all of their competitors.


Based in Las Vegas, MITRAGAIA (aka Gaia Ethnobotanical) is an online store selling kratom. According to the kratom online community, MITRAGAIA is a moderately certified vendor of kratom products.

Since its first days, MITRAGAIA has quickly grabbed the attention of the kratom community and developed dramatically. MITRAGAIA is currently regarded as the symbol of their botanical company. For a long time, they consistently stand at the #1 position for being the main source and online store. MITRAGAIA worships the culture of dreamers and doers who prove that the two aren’t mutually exclusive. The group brings all of its innovation and dedication into their products.

In more detail, MITRAGAIA is a meaningful name. To be specific, “MITRA” encompasses an Indo divinity from Sanskrit which means friend, and “GAIA” is the name of the ancient Greek Goddess of the Earth and who postulates that the whole biosphere may be alive in that the Earth’s life forms are themselves responsible for regulating the conditions that make life on the planet possible.

With over 5 million reviews online, the founder’s view is that once you consume MITRAGAIA kratom, you will never want to change your favorite shop for all of your kratom needs.

Reason Why MITRAGAIA is the Best Kratom Vendor

Just the company background is enough to speak about the coverage of MITRAGAIA. Since its inception, the MITRAGAIA team has always memorized and pursued the core values that they wish to bring to the kratom user community a miraculous cure for both physical and mental health.

  1. GMP Facility

The first and foremost thing you should care about in a kratom product is their compliance with the law.

The measure to assess this is GMP. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is a system of good manufacturing practice standards to control the factors that can affect the process of product quality formation, to ensure the best quality products. GMP is a basic standard and a condition for the development of the ISO 22000 food safety management system.

Thus, MITRAGAIA is a GMP compliant facility as well as a member of AHPA and the American Kratom Association GMP compliance program for vendors. They abide by strict testing of metals and bacteria and rigorous production procedures as well. As a clear proof, all of their heavy metal and microbiology testing with posted lab results are public on their site to ensure the most transparency as possible when consumers approach their products.

Using MITRAGAIA kratom, you absolutely can be assured of the origin of the product, your health, and your enjoyment.

  1. Diverse Premium Products

MITRAGAIA has various strains of kratom attainable in different structures. All of them are top-quality, sustainably resourced kratom strains from over 15 regions in Southeast Asia. So they are never out of stock.

For example, MITRAGAIA has each breed in 6 notable Kratom species including kratom strains, Green Kratom, Yellow Kratom, White Kratom, Red Kratom, Gold Kratom, and Red Kratom.

  1. Lightning Fast Shipping

Your shopping experience must be lessened when you are expecting your beloved kratom for days. With MITRAGAIA, all orders have tracking information as soon as your request is processed and delivered to the shipping department. Depending on the time of receipt, your order will arrive within 2-3 business days, often even earlier.

  1. Good Price

Although their products are always of the highest quality, MITRAGAIA still strives to set the best prices for customers. Best of all, kratom users do not need to worry about spending an entire fortune on kratom for the best pleasure thanks to the cooperation between MITRAGAIA and Specifically, Couponupto is a collector and distributor of exclusive MITRAGAIA coupons, discounts and promo codes to ensure optimal user experience.

  1. Customer support

Not only will the MITRAGAIA staff help you with protests but they also help consult when you feel unsure about the pressure of use. Regularly, they send messages to confirm your order and also give you an order number so that you can observe your shipment.

  1. High achievement

With all of their passion and dedication, MITRAGAIA is always highly appreciated by customers and professionals. They were rated Top Customer Support Team and Top 3 Online Vendors for 4 straight years.

Final Thoughts

In short, it is no coincidence that MITRAGAIA is claimed as the best kratom supplier for 2019-2020. The mentioned features have proven their skills and meticulousness from the stage of sourcing, manufacturing to distributing the best types of kratom. If given the choice, we’ll still choose MITRAGAIA as the best spiritual therapy.

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