We understand you might have some questions for us. Below are the commonly asked questions to MitraGaia. If your question isn’t here, please contact us and we’ll find your answer right away!

What do I do if I am not able to select an item or enter an order?
Clearing any cache and browser history to ensure the most up to date information and availability has resolved most issues, but others have needed to use the incognito or private mode on their web browser.
Are your products Lab Tested?
Mitragaia takes our lab testing very seriously. We have rigorous testing standards and we post our lab results on the website under LABS. We currently test for all metals and bacterias related to kratom through many 3rd party accredited lab companies.
How do I use your products and what products work best for me?
Every product can have a wide range of effects on each individual. There are many websites and social media threads discussing the science, uses, and effects of these products. They are most helpful providing specific information to help narrow your search. I highly recommend Reddit subform r/kratom and the quick Google search of “The Kratom Bible.”
What is your best or strongest product?
The Top Product section of the website is a revolving list based on sales over the last 30 days.Lab results are available under the Lab section the website. There are also several articles online where you can read why we can’t talk about Kratom effects and why vendors shouldn’t discuss this. This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Is Kratom Legal in my area?
Kratom powder is not legal in these states:
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • California – San Diego County
  • Florida – Sarasota County
  • Illinois – City of Jerseyville. Illinois also bans the sale of Kratom to minors under 18.
  • Indiana
  • New Hampshire – 18 and over only
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
If you live in any of these states, Kratom is banned or has strict regulations on it. In the areas in which Kratom has been banned Mitragaia cannot and will not ship your item(s).
What are your current payment options?
Our new card processor accepts various cards with many new features to simplify the process. Our former card processor is still active as a backup.  All other transactions can be completed utilizing ACH, Cryptocurrency or Certified Money Order.
My cart is ready, but I am not able to complete the payment?
Most have the fewest issues navigating the payment processors when following the instructions and tips provided here, but others have needed to use the incognito or private mode on their web browser. You will get a confirmation email receipt and invoice as well as tracking all to the email used and entered at checkout or when login in to your account.
Why won’t your system accept my credit card payment?
The selector allows more transactions to be processed efficiently, by redirecting your transaction to a billing descriptor which will hopefully have the capability to complete the process.
  • Limited to 1 transaction per day, and not to exceed $580.00
  • The system will accept most visa/mastercard backed cards.
  • A transaction fee of $2.49 will be applied through the payment processor.
  • This fee will only be reflected on your payment receipt and not your order confirmation.
  • The selector process works best through window friendly browsers.
  • Clearing cache history, while disabling cookies, autofill preferences and popups has resolved most issues.
When you select this payment option a web token is assigned to your order and email confirmation is sent from my system. This token is how your payment is tracked by my system and does not confirm that the payment is completed. Please be patient and provide all information needed, before submitting payment. -Name on Card -First six digits (to identify card type and select descriptor) -Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy) You will be required to verify transaction fee and billing descriptor prior to submitting payment. Take note of the descriptor and fee for comparison of notifications received from me, the card processor and your account statement. The redirection and IP address change during checkout is common. This gives my system trouble with clearing your shopping cart, but doesn’t usually affect the transaction as it separates the order from the payment. Logging into alternate payment accounts while going through the process will void the transaction. When directed to a login page, simply check out as a guest.
How do I complete the transaction using ACH?
Use an active Checking/Savings/Business Checking account to submit an ACH payment. Please check with your bank to ensure your account supports this type of transaction and verify current routing and account numbers.
  • Limited to 1 transaction per day, and not to exceed $1500.00
  • Select an Account Type even when using the default.
  • Enter the bank Routing Number assigned to the corresponding account.
  • Enter the Account Number.
  • Clearing cache history, while disabling cookies, autofill preferences and popups has resolved most issues.
The transaction can take several days to be verified, and finally clear your account, but should not effect the processing of your order. During this process your order status can change from processing to pending payment and back. Make sure funds remain available until final confirmation of payment can be verified in your account history. Should any problem with your payment arise, you will be notified via email from support@mitragaia.com.
Where do I send the money order and who should it be made out to?
Using the Certified Money Order payment option will accept your order and place it on hold. Once your order is submitted electronically, complete the steps to submit a physical payment so that your order can be released, processed and shipped.
  • Purchase a Certified Money Order direct at USPS, WesternUnion or any of their authorized retailers
  • Follow the instructions given after checkout regarding how to fill out the money order and where to send it in.
  • Place the completed money order in an envelope and mail it to the address provided at checkout.
-Your order will be released, processed and shipped when payment or proof of payment has been received.Instructions for expediting your order will also be provided at checkout. -Successful transactions will receive an Order Completion from support@mitragaia.com as your order is exported and processed. This will be followed by the Shipping Confirmation from noreply@shippingeasy.com when the daily report runs on the day your order ships.
How do I submit payment using cryptocurrency and receive the 20% off?



DIRECTIONS TO EASILY BUY BITCOIN ON COINBASE: If you are in the blog list and the links below are not clickable, please click “READ MORE” first. Click Here or the link below https://www.coinbase.com/join/59b0c1be79b72e017a53b388
  • Follow through the prompt to create your account.
  • Once you create your account you may be asked if you’d like to verify it.
  • Coinbase does not require ID but providing it will increase the amount of coins you can buy at once.
  • Buying Bitcoin on Coinbase is quick and when using a credit/debit card, you receive your coin instantly.
  • When you get into your account, click Buy on the Buy/Sell link in the menu.
  • Choose the coin you’d like to purchase.
  • Enter your amount and click Buy!
  • To account for normal transaction fees, your available cryptocurrency must be of greater value than needed to complete your order.
  • During checkout, you will be provided with instruction on how to complete your purchase.
  • Once your transaction is verified and all confirmations have been collected, the needed funds for your order may be much different than the funds submitted.
  • This difference is due to any transaction fees and the processing of your rebate for using cryptocurrency.
  • Calculating the US Dollar value of the needed funds collected for your order should be verified independently from the website after all payment confirmations are collected.
I entered an order but received no confirmations?
Check spam/junk for messages from support@mitragaia.com. Shipping confirmation with tracking number is sent from noreply@shippingeasy.com when the days shipping reports are generated on the day that your order is shipped. You could have also entered an incorrect email address at checkout. If your payment didn’t go through and or you didn’t see an on screen confirmation of an order #.
How do I make changes to an order after it is submitted?
Email support@mitragaia.com, provide your order number and detail what changes you want made. You will receive an update on the status of the change along with any instructions or actions that need to be taken as a result of the change.
When will my order be shipped?
Most orders received before 3pm EST are processed and shipped same day, Monday-Saturday. We do not have a guaranteed pickup on Sundays and Postal Holidays. High order volume, large/complex orders, and orders received after the cutoff can affect the same day shipping process. Any order not shipped out same day will be processed, labeled and picked up the following business day.
My order was shipped but not delivered, what should I do?
All orders are insured and delivery guaranteed through the shipping material. Any late, search, lost, or damage claims should be submitted direct to USPS using the information provided with the shipping confirmation and our contact information from the bottom of the website.
What should I do if my order arrived, but is incomplete or wrong?
Email support@mitragaia.com and provide your order number, clear pictures of the order as it arrived, and details regarding the trouble with your order. You will receive updates and information on exchanges, credits or refunds as the matter is investigated and resolved.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tree native to countries such as: Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand. It is best known for the leaves which distribute over 40 different psychoactive compounds and alkaloids. Farmers harvest our Kratom leaves from these mature trees where they then begin the meticulous process of cultivation, drying, and crushing our raw kratom leaves.


This product is packaged and sold as bulk botanical ingredients and with no directions for use or claims regarding them. The FAQ’s and other pages are for educational use only. Keep out of reach of children. Not for sale to minors. This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. At this time, we are unable to ship Kratom products to Rhode Island, Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont, Arkansas, Alabama, Washington DC, Alton (IL), Sarasota County (FL), and San Diego (CA).

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