Checking or Savings Account

Use an active Checking/Savings/Business Checking account to submit an ACH payment.  Please check with your bank to ensure your account supports this type of transaction and verify current routing and account numbers before making purchase.

  • Limited to 1 transaction per day, and not to exceed $600.00
  • Select an Account Type even when using the default.
  • Enter the bank Routing Number assigned to the corresponding account.
  • Enter the Account Number.
  • Please make sure not to copy and paste routing/account numbers as this can lead to incorrect information being entered. Entering incorrect routing/account information will lead to a return of your payment.
  • Clearing cache and cookies while disabling autofill preferences and popups has resolved most issues.

Completion of the order does not mean that payment has been finalized. The transaction can take several days to be verified, and finally clear your account.  Depending on banks and the time of your order, a temporary hold might be placed on the status, which typically last only a couple minutes. Orders will ship no later than the following business day once a payment is confirmed.

Make sure funds remain available until final confirmation of payment is made and the funds have been withdrawn from your account. The status of the payment should show as completed in your bank account. Should any problem with your payment arise, you will be notified via email from

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