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Pay with Bitcoin and receive 20% rebate on every order!

20% Rebate With Bitcoin!

20% Rebate whenever you pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies!


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  • Follow through the prompt to create your account.
  • Once you create your account you may be asked if you’d like to verify it.
  • Coinbase does not require ID but providing it will increase the amount of coins you can buy at once.
  • Buying Bitcoin on Coinbase is quick and when using a credit/debit card, you receive your coin instantly.
  • When you get into your account , click Buy on the Buy/Sell link in the menu.
  • Choose the coin you’d like to purchase.
  • Enter your amount and click Buy!
  • To account for normal transaction fees, your available cryptocurrency must be of greater value than needed to complete your order.
  • During checkout you will be provided with Transaction ID and Requested Amount, which can be entered into the sell/send function of any approved wallet.
  • Once your transaction is verified and all confirmations have been collected, the needed funds for your order may be much different than the funds submitted.
  • This difference is due to any transaction fees and the processing of your rebate for using cryptocurrency.
  • Calculating the US Dollar value of the needed funds collected for your order should be verified independently from the website after all payment confirmations are collected.

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We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Monero.