Card Details

The selector allows more transactions to be processed efficiently, by redirecting your transaction to a billing descriptor which will hopefully have the capability to complete the process.

  • Limited to 1 transaction per day, and not to exceed $580.00
  • The system will accept most visa/mastercard backed cards.
  • A transaction fee of $2.49 will be applied through the payment processor.
  • This fee will only be reflected on your payment receipt and not your order confirmation.
  • The selector process works best through window friendly browsers.
  • Clearing cache and cookies while disabling autofill preferences and popups has resolved most issues.

When you select this payment option a web token is assigned to your order and email confirmation is sent from my system.  This token is how your payment is tracked by my system and does not confirm that the payment is completed.

Please be patient and provide all information needed, before submitting payment.
-Name on Card
-First six digits (to identify card type and select descriptor)
-Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)

You will be required to verify transaction fee and billing descriptor prior to submitting payment.  Take note of the descriptor and fee for comparison of notifications received from me, the card processor and your account statement.

The redirection and IP address change during checkout is common.  This gives my system trouble with clearing your shopping cart, but doesn’t usually affect the transaction as it separates the order from the payment.

Logging into alternate payment accounts while going through the process will void the transaction.  When directed to a login page, simply check out as a guest.